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Remotely view your properties with IP Cameras


Wireless Camera

Security is available to us in our high tech devices. The IP Cameras are great for security and being able to view your personal and commercial properties.

Today’s smart phone, tablets and computers provide the ability to log on remotely and view your properties from any location.

Wireless IP cameras are generally used for surveillance purposes. They can be set up in or around your home or place of business to provide security from burglary or theft.

An IP camera or IP Network Video Camera is a specialized camera that has a built in web server and computing functions to handle network communication and that can be controlled, monitored and viewed from virtually any location generally via High-Speed internet access using network built high bandwidth enabling standard equipments such as ISDN Modems, DSL Modems, Cable TV Modems, T1 Connections, Gigabit Ethernet Connections etc.

In order to install an IP camera, the main components that are required are as follows:


  •     A Broadband or High-Speed Internet Connection for fast downloads as well as video streaming
  •     A Wired or Wireless Router, depending on the technology and configuration of the camera
  •     A personal computer as a server so as to configure the IP camera
  •     A personal computer or smart phone as a tool that can be a remote viewing station
  •     A Static IP Address or a Dynamic Domain Name Server (DNS) Provider


Some of the brands that manufacturing the IP cameras are D-Link , Vivotek  Sony,   Panasonic, Axis Communications, JVC Americas Corp., AVIOSYS , LinkSys (a division of Cisco) , and  Foscam

Browse the latest IP Camera Technology by clicking this link:  ip cameras
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Detroit and Flint MI Top Two Most Dangerous Cities



Unemployment and poverty in Detroit and Flint Michigan attribute to the  Highest Crime rates in the entire country. These are the violent crime rates, but non-violent crime rates are also in the top ten for Detroit.  Non-violent crime includes burglary, arson and vehicle theft.

That is where SavIsa Solutions, LLC – Security Division can help.  Our presence, on your Detroit Commercial property with a stationary guard, deters and protects against non-violent crimes.  Criminals don’t want the headache of dealing with security and the law. They tend to skip properties that are protected and move on to the ones without security.

But what about the violent crimes? We provide Executive Protection, Armed Guards and Couriers Also ask us about our CPL/CCW classes.

Detroit  Police Departments’ budget cuts have affected the Alarm Response service. An alarm must be verified BEFORE police will show up. SavIsa Solutions, LLC verifies alarms for Alarm Companies and their customers. Read more about our Alarm Response Service here.

We also have vehicles that patrol the Detroit area and perform property checks nightly. Click here to read about our Security Patrol in Detroit.

Contact us today to see how we can help protect your home or business in Detroit!

Vital Records Search

Published by Crystal on May 17th, 2012 - in Commercial Security

Vital records are those documents that provide an important milestone or event in each of our lives. These records include legal certificates of your birth, marriage, death, and court documents of any divorces. Each of these vital records provides not only documentation of the event, but they are equally important in other ways after the event.
People search for vital records for many reasons, including but certainly not limited to:
•    Verifying family history (genealogy)
•    Locating an individual
•    Background checks on individuals
•    Providing proof of a death for insurance purposes
•    Obtaining a driver’s license

Where to Begin Your Search for Vital Records?

Searching for vital records can be a challenge. The good news is that if you know the state and county in which the event took place, you can contact that government agency, such as a county courthouse, registrar, or state office of vital statistics, and request access to these documents. Usually there is a small fee and forms to complete for the request. The bad news is that if you do not know the state or county, your search could take longer.

State-Specific Searches Available Online
In our current digital age with databases connected through a worldwide network of computers, you can still obtain vital records with diligent research and by using the right resources.
State and county agencies can be contacted via the internet where you can make your request. A good place to start looking for the proper state vital records agency is by using the state-by-state resource provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site.  Here you can click on the state you need and find specific offices for each vital record.

Other Online Resources
However, where do you go if you only have a name and not a clue where the vital event took place? There are many companies that provide a valuable service by searching for vital records. One resource is vitalchek, which is a company owned by LexisNexis, the world’s leading research organization. VitalChek offers you an easy, step-by-step process to order your vital record. At the end of your order, you simply pay the required agency fee, plus a single VitalChek order fee, and your document will be on the way.

Another online resource for all vital records is Archives. This resource is helpful for family searches and genealogy, and it has over 1 billion records accessible. In addition, you can browse collections of records, network with other family history buffs, and get expert vital record search advice. Archives does charge a reasonable subscription to access their records, but they also offer a free 7-day trial where you can try searching their databases with no payment obligation.
Your vital records search, whether it is for yourself, a family member, or other individual, begins at your fingertips. Using these online resources can save you time, stress, and money, and get you the records or information you need.



Crime Map Statistics Detroit North East Side

Published by Crystal on March 28th, 2012 - in alarm response, Commercial Security

Crime Stats 7 mile Rd and Outer Drive Detroit, MI Here are some graphs showing the Crime Statistics for the 7 Mile Rd. and Outer Drive Area.

Security Patrol Detroit MI East Side areaThis map shows statistics from one of Detroit’s crime-ridden area’s (NW Corner) North West Detroit’s 8 Mild Rd and Conant Ave to the (NE Corner) North East Detroit’s 8 Mile Rd and Hoover Rd area to Detroit’s South West area of Conant and Nevada (SW Corner) to Detroit’s South East Mc Nichols Rd (6 mile rd) and Hoover Rd (SE Corner) .

Remember this report is only a 35 day period.  Since the Detroit’s Police Department’s Alarm Verification policy has gone into full affect the larceny and the abuse that businesses must endure within certain Detroit areas has only steadily gotten worse.  Professional Security Alarm Response is available.

Metro Detroit Security Guard Patrols

Are available if you are a victim or don’t want to be a victim!  Contact Us

Check with the other businesses local to you and discuss establishing a security guard patrol for a safer community!

Many businesses within your area are discussing this option.

Thanks to Crime Mapping for statistical data.


SavIsa Solutions, LLC

Detroit Crime Statistics Mapping

Published by Crystal on March 22nd, 2012 - in Commercial Security

SavIsa Security has found a very useful website that maps crime statistics not only within Detroit but the surrounding suburbs of Detroit, Michigan known as the Tri-County area and the entire United States of America.  This website is truly awesome and even includes  tools that enable you to change date ranges, crime types, and even  street level views that zoom into satellite imagery.

Each crime type you click on has detailed information about that particular crime.  The only down side that was found is that certain communities are not listed, not sure why.

Click the following link to go check them out Crime Mapping.  Truly a useful website.

Click here for quote

SavIsa Solutions, LLC


Alarm Verification and Response For BFAAM



Please contact us for special pricing for BFAAM members.


Not a Burglar and Fire Alarm Association of Michigan Member? Benefits of being a BFAAM Member include:


  • A voice in Lansing – BFAAM retains Kindsvatter & Associates, Inc., one of the top lobbying firms in Michigan, to fight for and protect our industry.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Benefits
  • Credit Card Processing Service
  • Savings on education programs – NICET, apprenticeship programs, etc.
  • Savings on products and services – vendors offer information, training, show specials, and many other dealer support services.
  • General membership meetings and annual conferences – seminars by nationally known professionals in all aspects of security such as legal topics, false alarms, new products, legislative updates.
  • A voice in decisions – membership in BFAAM gives your company a vote in the direction of our industry.
  • Semi-Annual Newsletters – highlighting up-to-date information, enlightening articles, and advertising opportunities.
  • Distinctive membership certificate given each year to paid members.
  • Code of Ethics
  • Model false alarm ordinance – to help resolve false alarm issue.
  • Consultation – ability with membership to discuss pertinent issues with the state’s leading alarm dealers.
  • Use of the BFAAM Logo
  • N.A.A.A.A. – National Alarm Association Affiliation of America.
  • Fleet Fuel Service

Click here to learn more and join BFAAM!

Please let them know SavIsa Solutions sent you!







SavIsa Solutions, LLC
Managing B.C.I. Security
P.O. Box 1871
Troy. MI. 48099
(248) 583-0125

CCW/CPL Class Scheduled for September 10, 2011

Published by Crystal on September 5th, 2011 - in Commercial Security

CCW CPL Classes Michigan











We have a CCW/CPL class scheduled for September 10, 2011 from 9am to 5pm. The class is a mandatory first step if you want or need your CCW/CPL. If you are looking to get your Concealed Pistol License and are in the Greater Detroit Area, we have openings for this class. The cost of THIS class is $120. We are offering a referral discount for THIS class of $10 per referral up to a maximum discount of $60. You will be awarded with a CPL Certificate of Completion that is required by the state to apply for your CCW/CPL upon successful completion of the 8 hour course.


See our CCW CPL Class Schedule Here.

Click Here to View and Share Our Flier

We offer short notice classes if you need a class asap, as well as private classes.

Amendment II:
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of
a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,
shall not be infringed.

As long as you meet the criteria of ACT 381 of 2000 a CPL cannot be denied. You have the Right to Bear and Keep Arms as provided by the The United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, Second Amendment. (pdf page 12)


Know Your Rights
In 2000, the legislature significantly amended
Michigan’s firearms laws to make Michigan what
is known as a “shall issue” state. Public Act 381
generally provides that a person who meets certain
requirements will be issued a concealed pistol permit.
As a result, thousands of responsible Michigan
residents have been issued concealed pistol permits.
The principal requirements are:

1. The applicant is 21 years of age.

2. The applicant has resided in Michigan for at least
6 months.

3. The applicant is a citizen or legal resident of the
United States.

4. The applicant has successfully taken a gun safety

5. The applicant is not under certain court orders,
such as those involving mental disabilities,
personal protection orders, legal incapacitation,

6. The applicant does not have a pending felony
charge and has never been convicted of a felony
or certain misdemeanors within a specified time

7. The applicant has not been involuntarily
committed due to a mental illness, adjudged
insane, guilty but mentally ill or pled insanity in
a criminal case.

8. The applicant does not have a diagnosed mental
illness at the time of the application.

9. The applicant has not been dishonorably
discharged from the US military.

10. The applicant is not subject to a court order
prohibiting the possession of a firearm.

* The qualifying course needs to be certified by
the State or a state-national firearms training
organization. Courses certified by the National Rifle
Association satisfy this requirement.

Detroit Police Departments Verified Alarm Response has Started

Verified Alarm Response

As of August 22th, 2011 the new program that was short in development and quickly put into place has officially started. After being delayed from  on August 15th, 2011 (one week after the original date that it was supposed to take place).  See Document

As detailed in the document there was little time for the many Alarm Companies that service the Metro Detroit vast area a chance to provide their customers with alternatives.  The brief delay (one week) was in-part an attempt to provide Alarm Companies a chance to brain storm alternatives.  The short delay provided  commercial business owners an opportunity for them to draw straws to see who gets to verify alarm calls, as well giving residents with alarm systems the opportunity to buy antacid tablets as they worry about their safety.

“The verified alarm response is new policy of not responding to burglar alarms unless security companies can verify the need for an officer. However, officers will be sent to a building where an alarm wasn’t verified if it is a government building or part of the city’s critical infrastructure, a panic alarm, robbery/hold up alarm, an alarm at a firearms dealer or at an Underwriters Laboratories site, police said.”  Detroit police’s scaled down alarm response strategy begins today.

The new Verified Alarm Response policy has many left  in the dark and skeptical of why exactly they are paying taxes if they can’t count on the Detroit Police to response for their alarms.

There are alternatives to having the Detroit Police responding to alarms.  SavIsa Security has been providing alarm response to commercial and residential customers for over 20+ years, with over 44 years in the Security and Investigative Businesses for Investigations  click here for their website.   However the calls have been pouring in and their development is quick to undertake the task as the new alarm response division for the over tasked Detroit Police Department.

SavIsa Security has an established patrol network through out the Metro Detroit area and is equipped with skilled and experienced Alarm Response / Patrol Drivers with similar technology that each Detroit Police Department cruiser has.Alarm Response BCI Security Patrol cruiser InteriorBCI Security Patrol cruiser

The cost of their service is relatively low considering the alternative, SavIsa Security requires a monthly retainer of $25.00 first month waived when using a credit card to sign-up with a one year agreement and $35.00 per alarm dispatch. Don’t be fooled by imitations, with SavIsa Security you get exactly what you sign up for (Guaranteed Alarm Response)
SavIsa Security  works with dozens of Metro Detroit Alarm Best Companies. See post for Alarm Companies and their Ratings

SavIsa Security  can be contacted by phone 248-583-0125 or via email SavIsa Security

Detroit Police will NOT respond to Alarms

Today the Detroit Police Department announced they would not respond to alarms unless the alarms are verified by a Security Patrol Guard, homeowner, or if the building is monitored by audio or video. If audio or video is the source, it must be recorded and saved.

“According to the memo, sent to alarm companies and signed by Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, 98 percent of alarms handled by the DPD are false.”

What does this mean for your business? It means you need to hire a Security Company to handle Alarm Response. Our Sister Company, BCI Security, provides Alarm Response with Marked Security Vehicles and Knowledgeable Patrol Officers that respond to alarms within 15 minutes.  44 years experience in the Investigations and Security Business.  BCI has an established patrol network canvasing the Metro Detroit Area. Contact BCI for a free consultation today 248-583-0125.



CBS Detroit Local News

Detroit Free Press

Chicago Tribune


Welcome to our new security blog!

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