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NRA Institute of Legislative Action Gun Laws Reciprocity

Published by Crystal on February 23rd, 2013 - in Concealed Pistol License, NRA


Here’s an important link for gun owners and CCW/CPL holders. NRA Institue of Legislative Action Gun Laws-Michigan provides State and Federal Gun Laws, Requirements, Reciprocity of CPL’s, and Second Amendment information. They also have news, articles and an action center.  You can find the laws of any state when visiting the link above. They also have videos:


You can also find the State of Michigan Reciprocity here.

Detroit and Flint MI Top Two Most Dangerous Cities



Unemployment and poverty in Detroit and Flint Michigan attribute to the  Highest Crime rates in the entire country. These are the violent crime rates, but non-violent crime rates are also in the top ten for Detroit.  Non-violent crime includes burglary, arson and vehicle theft.

That is where SavIsa Solutions, LLC – Security Division can help.  Our presence, on your Detroit Commercial property with a stationary guard, deters and protects against non-violent crimes.  Criminals don’t want the headache of dealing with security and the law. They tend to skip properties that are protected and move on to the ones without security.

But what about the violent crimes? We provide Executive Protection, Armed Guards and Couriers Also ask us about our CPL/CCW classes.

Detroit  Police Departments’ budget cuts have affected the Alarm Response service. An alarm must be verified BEFORE police will show up. SavIsa Solutions, LLC verifies alarms for Alarm Companies and their customers. Read more about our Alarm Response Service here.

We also have vehicles that patrol the Detroit area and perform property checks nightly. Click here to read about our Security Patrol in Detroit.

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Michigan Concealed Weapons CCW / CPL Law Change 10 Years Later

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Interesting statistical article about CCW / CPL permits within Michigan after the law change in 2001.  The article includes a map showing CCW registration by County, requirements for obtaining a Michigan Concealed Pistol License, and where a Michigan Concealed Pistol License holder is not allowed to carry and other related links.

Over a quarter of a million (276,000)  CCW / CPL holders in Michigan or four out of every 100 eligible adults in Michigan are licensed.

Ten years after Michigan made it much easier for its citizens to get a license to carry a concealed gun, the predictions of widespread lawless behavior and bloodshed have failed to materialize. Before July 1, 2001 eligible applicants had to prove why they needed to carry a gun for protection.  Now, a nominally sane adult without a felony record can apply for a Michigan Concealed Pistol License for exact requirements visit the Michigan State Police website

The reformers wanted Michigan to join the growing number of states where carrying a concealed gun is the right of anyone and the opponents predicted gun-toting, trigger-happy citizens loose on the streets.  10 years later, both sides of the debate admit they cant see why there was huge debate in the first place.

For the complete article read the Detroit Free Press article

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