CCW & CPL License Classes

CCW CPL Classes MichiganWe offer NRA Certified Carrying Concealed License and Concealed Pistol License Classes!

The class is 1 day for 8 hours and includes the training you need to get your CCW/CPL license from the State of Michigan. No Experience necessary! We teach men and women the fundamentals of owning and using a gun from A-Z!

Learn about Gun Safety, Responsibility, Using and Storing  Handguns, Marksmanship, Legality, Michigan State Rules, Using Deadly Force and Laws. You will see the guns and learn about the different makes and models. You will know what kind of gun is right for you! You will be confident after taking the class and going to the shooting range. You will know how to legally purchase a handgun and how to use it.


To learn the basic knowledge, skills and the responsibility of owning and operating a Firearm safely.

There are no acceptable accidents when it comes to Firearms !

Course Lessons Include:

  • Firearm Knowledge & Safe Firearm Handling
  • Ammunition Knowledge
  • Firearm Shooting Fundamentals
  • Range Safety, Mechanics and Etiquette
  • Shooting Positions
  • Techniques and Methods of Marksmanship
  • Establish and Promote Mental Conditioning
  • Equipment Selection, Care and Cleaning
  • Firearm and Ammunition Storage
  • Firearm Troubleshooting & Safety Precautions
  • Justification for the Use of Lethal Force
  • How To Survive Lethal Engagement
  • Concealment Definition
  • Proper Conduct During Police Encounters
  • Restricted Areas & Pistol Free Zones
  • Range Evaluation & Written Evaluation
  • Presentation of Certificate (Upon Successful
  • Course Completion)

Public Acts

  • Introduction & Review of Public Act 381
  • Introduction & Review of Public Act 719
  • Introduction & Review of Public Act 75 (2006)
  • Introduction & Review of Public Act 184/92 (2006)
  • Introduction & Review of Public Act 309 (2006)
  • Introduction & Review of Public Act 310 (2006)
  • Introduction & Review of Public Act 311 (2006)
  • Introduction & Review of Public Act 312 (2006)
  • Introduction & Review of Public Act 313 (2006)
  • Introduction & Review of Public Act 314 (2006)

Course Requirements
One Day Course 9am – 5pm
Course Cost $125.00
Bring Properly Licensed Firearm (Rental Available)
Ear & Eye Protection Required (Rental Available)

We offer referral discounts! All Firearms must be in a case and unloaded!

Classes Every Week! Space Is Limited, Sign-up Today!

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