Detroit’s New Verified Alarm Response Policy underfire

Published by Crystal on August 28th, 2011 - in alarm response

Critics blast Detroit’s new verified response policy

More negative feedback regarding Detroit’s new verified alarm response policy.  Interesting and statistically informative article.Click here to read more

Police Chief Ralph Godbee wrote in a memo Ninety-eight percent of the burglar alarms that police respond to are false alarms.

According to the office of Detroit Mayor Dave Bing he is quoted stating “Forty-two percent of the false alarms are at businesses, 51 percent at residences and 6 percent at other structures, such as garages or warehouses “

“But city and police officials said the decision is backed by statistics that show a high rate of false alarms. They contend that shifting police resources to other areas is a better way to make the city safer”

According to reports this is a shift that will allocate police officers in an attempt to make the city safer. Detroit already has a dark cloud of not being safe over its head.  For attracting new businesses and other types of events this will only make them question their security.

The new verified policy in Detroit will only endanger business owners and their employees.  There are Alarm Response companies that will respond to all Alarms, for example, BCI Security has been responding to alarms for over twenty plus years and has qualified personnel to verify all types of alarms.  BCI Security has personnel to guard property if required and board-up services as well.

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