Executive Protection

executive protection Armed Protection

Executive Protection

Armed Escort, Courier Services and Armed Guard:

SavIsa Security and the Bureau of Confidential Investigations has built a reputation for excellence that is recognized and respected. Our Protective Agents are considered to be amongst the best in the Metro Detroit Area. Our firm’s philosophy and techniques are based on the U.S. Military methods of proactive and preventative protection. Our personal will teach self defense tactics as well as prepare an individual(s) for Concealed Weapons License CCW or Concealed Pistols License CPL courses as governed by the State of Michigan.

Our Officers are available for the following tasks Armed Escort, Armed Courier and Armed Guards and have protected these and other principals:

Armed Escort
Armed Courier
High net worth individuals and their families
Corporate CEOs and Executive Officers
Television Personalities
Escorting individuals on job assignments in dangerous areas

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