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Published by Crystal on September 19th, 2011 - in Computer Security, Home Safety

AVG Family Safety 

AVG Family Safety

AVG Family Safety

Keeping your children safe while their online can be a monumental task.  AVG Family Safety offers just that, with their Family Safety software suite originally $19.99 now priced at $.99 which they will  donate to the Red Cross (at the time of writing). AVG’s Family Safety software you have the peace of mind knowing your children are safe online.

AVG Family Safety helps protect them against online predators, blocks inappropriate content, and sends you instant alerts if there’s a problem.

Help prevent online bullying and cyber-grooming

Know if your child is a victim of cyber bullying or grooming.  AVG Family Safety uses key-stroke technology to monitor your child’s activities in chat-rooms and on social networking sites. If it spots words, phrases or language that are known to be used to victimize children online, it will notify you immediately via SMS or email.

Set up profiles by child

Create unique logins and accounts for every child, enable Block, Warn, or Monitor modes according to their age and maturity, and adjust them over time as your household’s use of the Internet and understanding of Internet threats increases.

Keep an eye on content

Take steps to protect your children from inappropriate material by enabling 58 categories of protection spanning over 60 million websites. Know what your children are looking for by monitoring searches on popular engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Help keep them from being exposed to questionable words, terms, and phrases by filtering their search terms.

Track social media activity

Take steps to protect your child by filtering objectionable material from over 80 social networks like Facebook, restricting access to chat rooms and functions, and monitoring instant messages and social network threads.

Protect your children when using iPhones or iPads

Download AVG Family Safety from the Apple App Store and you will have the same level of protection when they are searching and surfing. AVG Family Safety replaces the standard browser and will block harmful and inappropriate sites in the same way the PC version does.

Manage time & apps

Make sure your children aren’t spending too much time online by scheduling or limiting their Internet access. Restrict questionable software by monitoring inappropriate applications and blocking PC games with mature themes.

Stay informed

Keep aware of your children’s online activity by receiving detailed, easy-to-read text and email reports, staying informed of their searches, posts, and downloads, and learning if questionable sites are being accessed intentionally or visited by mistake.

Access on the fly

Be able to protect your child remotely by controlling group or individual content from any web enabled device, and stay informed of their online activities by receiving detailed reports on your cell phone or work PC. With a complete library of how to video’s and an unbeatable price, AVG Family Safety  is worth a try if you have ever been concerned about your children and their online activity.

Download or visit AVG for more information on this value packed security tool.

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