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Alarm Response


You want to protect your business so you purchased an alarm system. Did you know that if it goes off the police might not even respond? If they do and it is a false alarm, did you know you could be fined?

The truth is that more than 90% of alarms are false alarms and that in some cities 85% of them go unanswered by the police. Everywhere cities are trimming their budgets and police departments have to prioritize their calls with Alarm response being placed very low in the priority spectrum.

You have the alarm and the monitoring. Now what is needed is reliable response to your alarms. Our Alarm Response Officers are trained to handle all types of alarms and they will respond guaranteed.




  • Marked security vehicles
  • Equipped to handle all incidents including fire/robbery/vandalism
  • Knowledgeable patrol officers (weekly patrol meeting for account updates)
  • Direct contact with your patrol driver
  • Direct liaison between your alarm company and our patrol drivers
  • All alarms responded to within 15 minutes
  • All patrol vehicles cellular equipped
  • Easy read Security/Alarm response forms
  • Next day liaison regarding all alarm incidents
  • Immediate notification on any security violations
  • Emergency short notice guard protection
  • 24 hour accessibility to our security supervisors



  • A list of emergency contacts with phone numbers
  • Provide alarm company with notification and our patrol vehicle number
  • Name of alarm company, types of alarms and zones
  • Property access, gate keys, and areas of access (no building access required)
  • Property history
  • No alarm codes needed



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