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Published by Crystal on June 28th, 2011 - in Computer Security

facebook security

Defensio secures your personal profile and your facebook page and your followers against threats that target social media, such as links to malware that can be posted on your Facebook and blog pages. Defensio also helps you manage and control objectionable content, such as posts that you consider unsuitable for your readers.

Defensio is a service, so there’s no software for you to download, install, or manage. And it’s remarkably accurate and effective. That’s because it’s powered by Websense – the global leader in web security.

Nowhere else can you find such accurate and personalized protection from comment spam, malware, and other threats embedded in user-generated content. It’s little wonder that Defensio is the leading security solution for today’s social web.

Defensio includes the following features:

URL Category Blocking — Manage comments with embedded URL links that point to sites infected with security risks and control potentially questionable content.

Reputation Security Coverage — Prevent comments from untrustworthy domains and sites.

Dictionary Filtering — Remove specific words automatically that you choose to be omitted from comments.

Script and Executable File Blocker — Block posts which include potentially harmful scripts and executables.

Facebook Security Application — Protect your Facebook pages with real-time monitoring and removal of all unwanted content.

If you’re interested in getting the Defensio web service for your corporate site, sign up with Defensio today. They do offer a Free Service as well as paid ones.


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