Investigate People and Businesses

We offer Investigative Search Services:

Locate people, lost family members, phone numbers, addresses, criminal background checks, past and current addresses, known relatives and associates, phone trace,  motor vehicle and civil records.

Our access to the Criminal Records database is one of the most comprehensive and reliable in the industry, containing several million records from federal, state, and county repositories.  By using our enhanced search technology, you can search nationwide or search by specific state.

Criminals and skips often escape the reach of authorities by living with an alias. We are able to identify any known aliases and their associated records.

Social Security Number Trace to be used as an offensive tool to prevent the misuse of an individual’s private information. Offense is your best defense.

Verify someone’s identity with a Social Security Number Trace. Great for Landlords, Employers and suspicious characters.

Court Records: court records search may include bankruptcy judicial records, liens and judgments that aid in the fraud, risk and recovery process.  civil court records include information on debtors, plaintiffs, docket numbers and filing dates. We also provide civil court records on discharged debt which would prevent a creditor from contacting an individual – thus avoiding a creditor sanction or fine.
Asset Reports: Motor vehicle registrations, property deeds, property assessments, watercraft, and aircraft. In addition, the Asset Report includes UCC filings, FAA pilot licenses.

Business Reports: Business Filings; bankruptcies, liens and judgments, corporation filings, business registration, UCC Filings; Associated Businesses; Other Businesses at Address; Associated People; business contacts, individuals at address; Assets at Address; motor vehicles, properties; Internet Names Registered to Business; and Dun & Bradstreet.

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