Remotely view your properties with IP Cameras


Wireless Camera

Security is available to us in our high tech devices. The IP Cameras are great for security and being able to view your personal and commercial properties.

Today’s smart phone, tablets and computers provide the ability to log on remotely and view your properties from any location.

Wireless IP cameras are generally used for surveillance purposes. They can be set up in or around your home or place of business to provide security from burglary or theft.

An IP camera or IP Network Video Camera is a specialized camera that has a built in web server and computing functions to handle network communication and that can be controlled, monitored and viewed from virtually any location generally via High-Speed internet access using network built high bandwidth enabling standard equipments such as ISDN Modems, DSL Modems, Cable TV Modems, T1 Connections, Gigabit Ethernet Connections etc.

In order to install an IP camera, the main components that are required are as follows:


  •     A Broadband or High-Speed Internet Connection for fast downloads as well as video streaming
  •     A Wired or Wireless Router, depending on the technology and configuration of the camera
  •     A personal computer as a server so as to configure the IP camera
  •     A personal computer or smart phone as a tool that can be a remote viewing station
  •     A Static IP Address or a Dynamic Domain Name Server (DNS) Provider


Some of the brands that manufacturing the IP cameras are D-Link , Vivotek  Sony,   Panasonic, Axis Communications, JVC Americas Corp., AVIOSYS , LinkSys (a division of Cisco) , and  Foscam

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