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Detroit Police Departments Verified Alarm Response has Started

Verified Alarm Response

As of August 22th, 2011 the new program that was short in development and quickly put into place has officially started. After being delayed from  on August 15th, 2011 (one week after the original date that it was supposed to take place).  See Document

As detailed in the document there was little time for the many Alarm Companies that service the Metro Detroit vast area a chance to provide their customers with alternatives.  The brief delay (one week) was in-part an attempt to provide Alarm Companies a chance to brain storm alternatives.  The short delay provided  commercial business owners an opportunity for them to draw straws to see who gets to verify alarm calls, as well giving residents with alarm systems the opportunity to buy antacid tablets as they worry about their safety.

“The verified alarm response is new policy of not responding to burglar alarms unless security companies can verify the need for an officer. However, officers will be sent to a building where an alarm wasn’t verified if it is a government building or part of the city’s critical infrastructure, a panic alarm, robbery/hold up alarm, an alarm at a firearms dealer or at an Underwriters Laboratories site, police said.”  Detroit police’s scaled down alarm response strategy begins today.

The new Verified Alarm Response policy has many left  in the dark and skeptical of why exactly they are paying taxes if they can’t count on the Detroit Police to response for their alarms.

There are alternatives to having the Detroit Police responding to alarms.  SavIsa Security has been providing alarm response to commercial and residential customers for over 20+ years, with over 44 years in the Security and Investigative Businesses for Investigations  click here for their website.   However the calls have been pouring in and their development is quick to undertake the task as the new alarm response division for the over tasked Detroit Police Department.

SavIsa Security has an established patrol network through out the Metro Detroit area and is equipped with skilled and experienced Alarm Response / Patrol Drivers with similar technology that each Detroit Police Department cruiser has.Alarm Response BCI Security Patrol cruiser InteriorBCI Security Patrol cruiser

The cost of their service is relatively low considering the alternative, SavIsa Security requires a monthly retainer of $25.00 first month waived when using a credit card to sign-up with a one year agreement and $35.00 per alarm dispatch. Don’t be fooled by imitations, with SavIsa Security you get exactly what you sign up for (Guaranteed Alarm Response)
SavIsa Security  works with dozens of Metro Detroit Alarm Best Companies. See post for Alarm Companies and their Ratings

SavIsa Security  can be contacted by phone 248-583-0125 or via email SavIsa Security

Alarm Company Ratings: Rate Your Alarm Company

Published by Crystal on July 22nd, 2011 - in Alarm Companies

Alarm Companies:

Please Rate your Alarm Company in the comments section of this post!



Alarm Companies



Through the years of my profession {close to thirty years}, I have had the opportunity to work with almost all of the alarm companies within the state of Michigan.

I have to say some are good, some are adequate, some just suck and some are off the scale of greatness.

I personally have responded and dealt with these companies either on a one on one basis, or through my associates.  I have responded to thousands of alarm calls and tens of thousands through my associates and there is nothing worse than responding to a burglar alarm call with inadequate information such as uninformed operators, under trained operators, lack of imperative information such as location of building and zone of the alarm. (It’s true)

When responding to burglar alarm calls there are several things that go through your mind:

(1) is this an actual (B&E) breaking and entering,

(2) Will I see my family again,

(3) What is the state of my customer’s property?

I’m going to be grading alarm companies on a scale of (A,B,C,D,E,F)

Please, if you have an alarm system or have had, leave a comment and let me know your own experience with alarm companies!

This information will help people make informed decisions when choosing who to hire as their Alarm Company!

Thank You!

Grade (A)


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I’m going to leave this post open so people can rate their alarm companies.

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